Arizona Justice Courts Scam Million$

Last month (Dec. 2011) I filed an action in Federal Court in Phoenix, AZ alleging Justice of the Peace courts in Arizona are operating a RICO style conspiracy.

In the complaint I have shown that the justice and municipal courts in Arizona lack subject matter jurisdiction to hear traffic tickets.  The Arizona legislature placed jurisdiction over the motor vehicle code with Arizona Department of Transportation. (See ARS 28-332)

Some time in the recent past (20 or 30 years ago) enforcement of the motor vehicle code migrated over to the justice courts and there traffic tickets are adjudicated daily–in the complete absence of subject matter jurisdiction.

Presently justice courts in Arizona rake in over one hundred million dollars annually-without any jurisdiction whatsoever.

One of the amazing things about jurisdiction, or lack of it, it never goes away.  No matter how long ago you were made to pay a fine at justice court in Arizona, for a traffic ticket, you are eligible to have your money returned–if I prevail in my lawsuit.

The only hitch is you must have contested the ticket to begin with. If you just paid the ticket you’re out of luck.  I urge everyone who is ticketed and sent to justice court or municipal court in Arizona to file a “Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction”  I can supply the verbiage if requested.

Anyone who has contested a traffic ticket in Arizona in either justice or municipal court should contact me and maybe we can make this a class action suit.

If you want to track my lawsuit in Federal Court the docket number is: 3 11 cv 08199 JAT   The caption reads “Dale Wilson v Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department.  I listed the sheriff’s office first since they are the “muscle” that supports the RICO conspiracy. 

We can fight this injustice if we get together and support this federal suit.

Contact me at  on the subject line write “RICO” and you will get my immediate reply.



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